Friday, November 9, 2007

Like Like

My nine year old son, Tyler, is a shy boy....or at least he is a lot more shy than my girls....... so it came as an extreme shock recently when he came up to me and asked if it was alright to "Like-Like" a girl. Well, once I picked my chin up off the floor, I told him that I don't care if he "likes-likes" a girl as long as he doesn't "do-do" anything about it. He then proceeded to tell me about this girl in his class. This was the same little girl who lives near the old middle school and would make eyes at him last spring when we were waiting for my oldest daughter and also the same girl who had made it a point to come up to Tyler after school to say "Hello". This little girl also asked if she could go to the recent foot ball dessert social. "Is she asking him on a date?!!!" She does have a name and I know what it is, but I know if I reveal it, Ty's dad and sister will tease him mercelessly.
Well, yesterday Tyler comes home and announces this girl told his friend, Ben, that she thinks Tyler is attractive. Now, maybe I don't have much self-control but I couldn't help it. I burst out laughing. What 8-9 year old girl comes up with that? And Tyler, my shy Tyler, is just grinnin' from ear to ear. Anyone got any sand I can go hide my head in?
I never had to deal with this with my extroverted daughter whom I told from the beginning that there will be no dating until she is 16 and then there would be more rules. I am glad the little girl lives on the other side of a very busy street and hopefully that will deter her from looking Tyler up.