Saturday, April 30, 2011


My daughter has all the symptoms of dyslexia.  Unfortunately getting the school to move on it has been very frustrating.  Most school districts do not recognize it as a learning disability. I have been trying the last few years to get her kindergarten and first grade teacher to see the problem which they did not.  They kept telling me it is normal for a child her age to reverse letters or miss this or that or not actually read her story but make guesses at what it says.  This year was different.  It did not take long for her second grade teacher to recognize the problem.  Why?  Because both her teacher and her teacher's daughter is dyslexic.  She was able to work with Lexi all year and and she found us a learning Center that would tutor Lexi for free.  I am so grateful for that.  I still plan on pursuing getting her evaluated by a specialist but I feel like we are finally getting the help she needs.

I have been doing a lot of research on this disability and a friend gave me the book called Overcoming Dyslexia by Sally Shaywitz, MD.   It is so interesting to read and what is most interesting is that, not only am I learning about my daughter, I am also learning about my husband who also has dyslexia.  So many things about how he reacts to various situations all go back to this and I am learning to understand him so much more.  I also believe Norm's father and brother both have it as well so I am filling my sister-in-law in  as far as what to watch for in their son.  I am hoping to be able to help my daughter so that she can once again build up her self esteem and be able to find ways to cope with it and go far.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Before you say "I Do"

The bride was dressed in a bodice featuring shirred tulle overlay and embroidery accented with sequins and beads. There was a lace-up back and a tulle skirt embellished with scattered beads. The groom, dressed in a black Ralph Loren tuxedo, stared dramily into her eyes and she returned his loving gaze. Throughout the entire service they couldn't take their eyes off each other and their dance to "You Are So Beautiful" personified their future together. It was a dream wedding with a dream honeymoon but what often happens after the honeymoon? Life happens....... and often times even the most "in love couples are not prepared for it because they choose not to think about "For Worse" or "In Sickness". They get married thinking it will be a bed of roses, often forgetting that even the most beautiful rose has thorns.

I am not discounting love but I implore the one who is considering marriage to really think about what love is.

I want you to imagine that you and your spouse to be are married and living in a beautiful house that is takes both of your paychecks to pay the bills on. You have three children who need to be run to soccer practice and girl scouts and church every Wednesday night. You have a busy life and suddenly your spouse is in a horrific accident or is diagnosed with a horrible disease that requires you to physically take care of. Would you be willing to clean a dirty bed pan or a bucket for the fifth time that day that has vomit in it? Would you be willing to feed them through their feeding tube or administer medication through an IV line? Will you be able to clean drool that seems to be constantly dripping from the mouth of your spouse who has experienced a stroke or a dehibilitating brain injury. Imagine yourself doing this day after day after day and know that you may have to do it five, ten or even forty years.

Imagine your spouse is undergoing depression and no matter how hard you try, you can't help them out of it. Imagine they cheated on you or lied to you. Imagine they did something behind your back.

Marriage is more than just loving someone. It is a commitment through good times and bad. Most people mistake romantic love for the real love that you need to make a marriage last... where love is a verb that you choose to keep applying even when times are tough. It incorporates committment and lots of grace. Like in the song, "Love is not a fighting but it's worth fighting for."

Monday, July 13, 2009

Who is driving your car?

It was grocery day and I had stopped at a local market to pick up a few items. When I returned to my van I discovered that somebody had parked in the parking space behind my car's space. The problem was they were literally against my bumper. There was no way I could get my groceries into the hatch compartment. I decided to check for damages, unbelieving that someone would actually let their car parked like that. I pulled the van front a few feet and hurried back to inspect the bumper. When I turned to view their car, I burst into laughter. On their front bumper was the plate, "God is my Pilot."

Laughing I left the following note on their windshield, "If God is your pilot will you please ask Him to stop next time before he hits my car?"

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Norm was helping at the middle school to set up for our church's Easter service and they were getting late so the Worship Leader decided to order supper. Norm called me to please bring him his med he needs to eat with supper so, being the "complient" wife that I am (Norm, please stop fake choking), I immediately dropped what I was doing to take care of his needs. I put the pill inside a snack baggie and headed for the school. We got out of the van and went to cross the traffic circle when here comes this police cruiser and he stops at the entrance to the traffic circle and studies me hard. That was when it hit me. I am a school employee entering a school building.....holding a baggie with drugs in it! With a face red enough to rival a cherry tomato, I flew into the building and eagerly handed over his medication. When he inquired as to why I was laughing, I explained, rather embarressed. Norm had a pretty good laugh over that one.

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Lexi's Loves

Lexi came home shortly after kindergarten started and announced she has three loves. Unsure exactly what she meant I asked her to clarify this.......I was right, she meant boyfriends although she told me in her matter of fact way that they were boys she loved. Uh huh...... you're only in kindergarten. I don't know where she gets it because I wasn't that way....... or at least my crushes were one at a time but I guess she is keeping her options open.

Well, she came home about a month ago and announced she was down to two loves because the one boy said mean things so she no longer loved him. What's funny is she seems to have this rivalry with him now. She wanted us to take her to school early because he normally beats her there and that must have bugged her. We once got to the school and were ready to turn onto the parent drop-off and she disgustingly said, "Ugh! There's his bus!" Norm laughed and said, "Well, I guess he beat you today." She rolled her eyes. She's only six but acts like a teenager!

She made out well with her other two loves on Valentine's Day. They each gave her a special treat including a big choclate Hershey bar. I like that boy! He knows chocolate is the key to a woman's heart! He's a keeper, Lexi!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Tech support and Telemarketers

If there is one thing that annoys me is being on the phone for either tech support or telemarketers. I hate I when I have to try to get to a live voice and you keep getting one menu after another.
The other day I had to call our Internet company and got placed on hold with the most monotonous music playing in the background. I was fighting to keep from nodding off when I realized that companies probably give you this sleep-inducing music hoping you will fall asleep so they don't have to help you....... either that or it's to calm an irate customer down. Either way, it works. The music was boring me to tears.
Another thing is telemarketers. Thank God for the "Do Not Call" List because I don't really have to deal with them much anymore but once I had AT&T call me trying to sell me their plan. The whole ridiculous part of it was the whole time she was talking to me, I could barely hear her and kept having to ask her to repeat herself. Finally, in total aggravation, I told her, "Look! I can't hear you now! What do you think that tells me about your service?!"
There have been interesting calls, however. Once I called a tech support for our printer and the agent and I got to discussing our weather and I noticed he had an accent so I asked him where he was calling from. When he told me India, I was actually be holding a conversation with someone from so far away. I thought it was kind of cool, in a way.
This past year we received telephone call about the election. The call was for then candidate Obama. Norm actually got the call and put him on speaker phone for kicks. We were there rolling our eyes at all his promises when he got to the end where it says how the ad was endorsed by him but there was a problem with the tape and it went super fast making his voice go really high. Norm and I burst out in laughter.
The phone can be a good tool but give me email any day!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Doggie Diet

Shortly before Christmas we had taken our chocolate lab, Coby, to the vet for his vaccinations. The vet took one look at his weight of 97 pounds and declared the dog had needed a diet.

No more grazing at his food bowl! No more tidbits being shared under the table. He was to get a ration of one cup of food two to three times a day. They asked how much exercise he got and we told them not much. The kids could not handle him on the leash and I was incapacitated due to a serious illness. I had taken him over the summer before the illness but was forced to stop it.

And I had to admit we were slightly proud of our Newfoundland size dog who was too scared to go down the basement steps, but we listened for the dog's health. The first time I fed him, he didn't touch it thinking he had all day to eat it. He learned when I removed it an hour later that he better learn to eat when served oe he misses out. It has reaped some rewards..... like a lot less acid reflux which was simply gross to clean up. Hopefully when I am cleared from my illness, I can start walking him again. We both need the weight loss!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Winter Weigh-In Woes!

I've got it! I figured out the secret! The question? Why can't women lose weight over the winter? The answer is the best kept secret of the chocolate manufacturers. The simple truth hit me today as I was scarfing down my twenty-something piece of Valentine's Day choclate.The answer is as plain as the chubby nose on your face. HOLIDAY!

If you think about it, it'a a brillant concept. Create a holiday every four to six weeks so that they keep buying chocolate and junk food. We start out in October with Halloween. Kids come to your door looking for goodies and you take an opportuinity to graze along with them or you might take your child trick-or-treating and a Hershey's Chocolate Bar with Almonds falls out of one of their bags right into your open hand.
Thanksgiving arrives with its own tempting treasures as well as Christmas who also adds a need for choclate for your loved ones's stockings. All those parties and family gatherings loaded with good-will and calories.
In February comes Valentine's Day.....where you are committing a cardinal sin by not buying your loved one something sweet. Then six weeks later comes Easter with baskets overflowing with choclate bunnies and marshmallow chicks.
That is why most people lose during the summer. Companies haven't come up with a holiday to celebrate gorging yourself with megagrams of trans-fats. I am willing to bet that the diet companies are in on the weight-loss scam....after all, they are profiting as well. I think I am going to go on a No Chocolate Stirke.....and I think I will start right after Easter

Friday, January 25, 2008

First Time Parents

I have recently started babysitting for an aquaintance of my husband. The baby was born last November and this is their first child. I had to laugh when they showed up with the baby's equipment.....including bottled water for when I had to prepare bottles. I think that was where I got the biggest kick. Took me back to the days of being a first time parent.
When my oldest was born I carefully boiled the water for formula and often prepared enough bottles for two days. Nine years later for my third child I was using tap water for fomula and heating it up in the microwave. My youngest is still living five years later no worse for the wear and I would like to add with a whole lot less visits to the doctor than my first two.
It is so strange how you just learn to let things go as you become more mature and more experienced. You get so innundated with proper ways of doing things that you just can't sit back and enjoy being a parent. Enjoy the ride, I say!
My mother-in-law told me that one of her biggest regrets is caring too much with how the house look instead of concentrating on enjoying her children. And I can see her point! Enjoy the ride! It won't really be that long until they are gone.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

You're HOW old?

I just recently celebrated my fortieth birthday. Boy, do I remember when my parents turned forty. They were so old! Now I am forty..... I don't feel old!
My husband decided to throw me a surprise party. I thought that was really sweet of him to do that. I wasn't sure if I wanted a party or not. I don't enjoy being the center of attention. This wallflower enjoys letting someone else do that, but I did appreciate the fact that friends took the time to honor me like that. It just made me feel special.
Turning forty presents certain rethinking your life because you realize that you have reached the midpoint. I've been trying not to dwell on that because I know it tends to make people depressed. Trying, of course is the rather strong key word.
Recently Matt Lauer of the Today Show on NBC turned fifty and he was presented with a membership to the AARP. I couldn't help it. The first thought that popped in my mind was, "Well, you only have ten more years to go!"
And retirement! Only twenty years till that! In twenty years I can pay less to eat or go to the movies or whatever I want. That rather bittersweet thought has yet to develop a delicious taste to savor.
My husband and I are reaching the age where we will soon have to think about long term care for our parents....and then our kids will be doing that for us. Wow! Now THAT'S depressing!Well, my dh hasn't let it get him down. To him, reaching this age means we no longer need to bother with contraception. Go figure! Of course, keep in mind that I married a younger man. He turns forty next year and that may inspire a whole new chapter!
In conclusion, I just would like to ask for prayer for my dear husband as we enter the menopause stage. He's probably gonna' need it!