Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Norm was helping at the middle school to set up for our church's Easter service and they were getting late so the Worship Leader decided to order supper. Norm called me to please bring him his med he needs to eat with supper so, being the "complient" wife that I am (Norm, please stop fake choking), I immediately dropped what I was doing to take care of his needs. I put the pill inside a snack baggie and headed for the school. We got out of the van and went to cross the traffic circle when here comes this police cruiser and he stops at the entrance to the traffic circle and studies me hard. That was when it hit me. I am a school employee entering a school building.....holding a baggie with drugs in it! With a face red enough to rival a cherry tomato, I flew into the building and eagerly handed over his medication. When he inquired as to why I was laughing, I explained, rather embarressed. Norm had a pretty good laugh over that one.

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