Saturday, February 28, 2009

Lexi's Loves

Lexi came home shortly after kindergarten started and announced she has three loves. Unsure exactly what she meant I asked her to clarify this.......I was right, she meant boyfriends although she told me in her matter of fact way that they were boys she loved. Uh huh...... you're only in kindergarten. I don't know where she gets it because I wasn't that way....... or at least my crushes were one at a time but I guess she is keeping her options open.

Well, she came home about a month ago and announced she was down to two loves because the one boy said mean things so she no longer loved him. What's funny is she seems to have this rivalry with him now. She wanted us to take her to school early because he normally beats her there and that must have bugged her. We once got to the school and were ready to turn onto the parent drop-off and she disgustingly said, "Ugh! There's his bus!" Norm laughed and said, "Well, I guess he beat you today." She rolled her eyes. She's only six but acts like a teenager!

She made out well with her other two loves on Valentine's Day. They each gave her a special treat including a big choclate Hershey bar. I like that boy! He knows chocolate is the key to a woman's heart! He's a keeper, Lexi!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Tech support and Telemarketers

If there is one thing that annoys me is being on the phone for either tech support or telemarketers. I hate I when I have to try to get to a live voice and you keep getting one menu after another.
The other day I had to call our Internet company and got placed on hold with the most monotonous music playing in the background. I was fighting to keep from nodding off when I realized that companies probably give you this sleep-inducing music hoping you will fall asleep so they don't have to help you....... either that or it's to calm an irate customer down. Either way, it works. The music was boring me to tears.
Another thing is telemarketers. Thank God for the "Do Not Call" List because I don't really have to deal with them much anymore but once I had AT&T call me trying to sell me their plan. The whole ridiculous part of it was the whole time she was talking to me, I could barely hear her and kept having to ask her to repeat herself. Finally, in total aggravation, I told her, "Look! I can't hear you now! What do you think that tells me about your service?!"
There have been interesting calls, however. Once I called a tech support for our printer and the agent and I got to discussing our weather and I noticed he had an accent so I asked him where he was calling from. When he told me India, I was actually be holding a conversation with someone from so far away. I thought it was kind of cool, in a way.
This past year we received telephone call about the election. The call was for then candidate Obama. Norm actually got the call and put him on speaker phone for kicks. We were there rolling our eyes at all his promises when he got to the end where it says how the ad was endorsed by him but there was a problem with the tape and it went super fast making his voice go really high. Norm and I burst out in laughter.
The phone can be a good tool but give me email any day!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Doggie Diet

Shortly before Christmas we had taken our chocolate lab, Coby, to the vet for his vaccinations. The vet took one look at his weight of 97 pounds and declared the dog had needed a diet.

No more grazing at his food bowl! No more tidbits being shared under the table. He was to get a ration of one cup of food two to three times a day. They asked how much exercise he got and we told them not much. The kids could not handle him on the leash and I was incapacitated due to a serious illness. I had taken him over the summer before the illness but was forced to stop it.

And I had to admit we were slightly proud of our Newfoundland size dog who was too scared to go down the basement steps, but we listened for the dog's health. The first time I fed him, he didn't touch it thinking he had all day to eat it. He learned when I removed it an hour later that he better learn to eat when served oe he misses out. It has reaped some rewards..... like a lot less acid reflux which was simply gross to clean up. Hopefully when I am cleared from my illness, I can start walking him again. We both need the weight loss!