Friday, January 25, 2008

First Time Parents

I have recently started babysitting for an aquaintance of my husband. The baby was born last November and this is their first child. I had to laugh when they showed up with the baby's equipment.....including bottled water for when I had to prepare bottles. I think that was where I got the biggest kick. Took me back to the days of being a first time parent.
When my oldest was born I carefully boiled the water for formula and often prepared enough bottles for two days. Nine years later for my third child I was using tap water for fomula and heating it up in the microwave. My youngest is still living five years later no worse for the wear and I would like to add with a whole lot less visits to the doctor than my first two.
It is so strange how you just learn to let things go as you become more mature and more experienced. You get so innundated with proper ways of doing things that you just can't sit back and enjoy being a parent. Enjoy the ride, I say!
My mother-in-law told me that one of her biggest regrets is caring too much with how the house look instead of concentrating on enjoying her children. And I can see her point! Enjoy the ride! It won't really be that long until they are gone.

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MariKay said...

hahah! yep, i know what you mean. first time parents are always so careful with everything. And thats good advice to enjoy the kids now rather than piddling around with what has to get done around the house. I'm guilty of that sometimes.